Radicchio in Garda

Onze maaltijd

During our stay around Verona we went to Garda. Started our walk in Bardolino (famous from the wines) and walked along the lake to Garda. A beautiful spot along the lake with small streets and a little harbour. The place was deserted (we were there on a rainy Tuesday) and the christmasmarket with the Radicchio festival didn’t attrack many visitors. But even though it was nice to see another food festival in Italia. 

We went into a big tent where we could taste different dishes with radicchio. The menu said that they had 5  different small things to choose from and in my imagination everything would be with radicchio.

Radicchio salad

Unfortunately it wasn’t like that. They ran out of risotto, so I asked for some other dishes. In the end we had meat with polenta, french fries (my Italian is not suprisingly good I figured, because I really thought that patatina fritta would mean a sort of omelette with patatoes and radicchio, but they were just french fries), salad of radicchio and a sweet cake with radicchio, which was suprisingly very good. The radicchio salad tasted really good, the radicchio from this region is the best I have ever tasted, not to bitter and in the sweet cake surprisingly sweet.

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