Recensie: Lucciola – Corfu

Nog geen maand op Corfu en in tegenstelling tot vorig jaar heb ik al meer goede eetplekken ontdekt dan vorig jaar in een aantal maanden. Dat belooft veel goeds voor dit seizoen! Deze recensie schrijf ik verder in het engels, zodat ook de eigenaren van Lucciola het kunnen lezen.

Corfu feta

This year we were on the island during Greek easter. In Greece there are different traditions that come with easter and one is the eating of a roasted lamb with the family on easter Sunday. And because our families aren’t here, we wanted to go to a place where they would serve this dish. Because I heard that Lucciola is a nice place with organic and free range food, I couldn’t resist to go there. We already visited the place earlier this week for the concert of Amalgama (one of the best upcoming Corfu bands). We had a great evening and decided to go back on easter Sunday.

Note: the pictures were taken after eating a couple of bites, I couldn’t take pictures of all the food, because some dishes were quickly finished.

Lucciola salad

We arrived at Lucciola around 2.30 pm. The weather was great, so we could eat outside in the garden. A beautiful, but simple garden, with lovely chairs and tables. Our waiter was a funny guy, who immediately asked if we brought the batteries (that we took with us for the camera) on the table to tell the chef that there was a battery in the food…. The rest of the day we continued making jokes with him.

We started our meal with typical Corfu feta, which is very soft and tasteful and much better then the normal feta you eat in any other restaurant or shop. The waiter told us that this is difficult to find in shops in Corfu. But I hope I will find it somewhere someday.

After that we had Lucciola salad, with one eatable flower (and sun dried tomatoes, avocado and a delicious dressing), and a pear tower with prosciutto and a sauce of chestnut and cashewnuts. All really delicious.

Then it was time for the main course, a very large leg of a lamb. It looked fantastic and tasted great. But for two persons it was too much. I don’t eat so much meat normally, so my table partner really eat a lot. He was very happy with it. I was extremely happy with the potatoes, just like the lamb, they were delicious.

We ate so much that there wasn’t any place left for a dessert, but we will definitely try the desserts the next time we will be there!

Guys, keep up the good work, because this place deserves to stay here for a long long time!

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