Agriturismo: La Capuccina

Finally, after more than a year I returned to La Capuccina. And it’s a wonder what Gianluca, Rafaela and all their employees did to the place. It becomes more pretty everytime I get back. And the food is as good as it always was!

I started my day helping out a little bit in the kitchen. I helped out making agnolotti, cleaning artichokes and squeezing lemons, until it was time to get to my table for my 7 course dinner. Because Gianluca wanted me to eat well this night of my return to La Capuccina.

The dinner started with a terinne of rabbit, with some sweet touches of raisin and carrot, a little bit of lettuce and a sauce made of cardo (italian name, in english it would be thistles, but mainly here they translate it in english with card). The subtleties were a great surprise. And the terrine was just good, not wet or dry, just perfect.

This was followed by one of my favorites, carne cruda with touches of sellery with a simple dressing, thin slices of artichokes, sea salt, pepper and olive oil. I cannot express what kind of sensation this created. It was thickling in my mouth and every bite I had gave me a new surprise. The meat was so extremely good, indescribable.

After that a sformata di zucca (sort of pumpkin pie) with a gorgonzola sauce and some nuts. Again a good combination of tastes. Knowing that the cheese comes from their own goats makes the taste so much better. But in the end, gorgonzola and pumpkin being two of my favorites, it was perfect!

Then it was time for pasta. Agnolotti with a sauce that I didn’t like so much, but the agnolotti was perfect, just how it should be. After that a risotto with spinach and a sauce of Toma. And again a perfect combination of tastes. The riso had an incredible green colour and the touch of the sauce made it look perfect. I couldn’t eat too much because I knew there were two more dishes to come.

First another meat dish, this time roasted meat. Meat in this way isn’t my favourite, but I wanted to try it. And the meat was very soft and good of taste. Also the vegetables went really good together with the meat. The vegetables were prepared in a simple way, boiled and then roasted. After this I realized that it was for the first time this two weeks that I was eating so many vegetables in one meal. In a lot of restaurants they don’t prepare so many dishes with vegetables, mainly because the time of the year. But at La Capuccina they seem to have vegetables in every season and that makes it possible to create these extremely good meals. Simple but so tasteful!

The last dish was a sort of chocolate cake but still a pudding inside and icecream made of goat milk with a sauce of caca (typical Italian fruit at this time of the year). Perfect. Together with a very good bottle of wine I had an extraordinary good meal, which surprises me everytime when I have dinner at La Capuccina. It is always perfect, especially when you realize that Gianluca, the chef, taught everything himself.

The next day, I didn’t want to have a whole meal on my own again so I started working together with the guys in the kitchen. A great experience, even for one evening.

Thanks you guys, it was great as ever to stay with you and I will come back very soon!!